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7 Ways to Build a Sense of Sustainability in the Workplace

Posted by Rae Steinbach on Nov 6, 2018 10:00:00 AM

sustainability in the workplaceSustainability is not just a buzzword. It is a driving force behind the future success of virtually any organization. A recent report indicates that consumers, especially millennials, have expressed a growing desire to support brands that prioritize sustainability. Clearly, you should identify ways your company can meet these standards.

The specifics of achieving this goal will vary from one business to another. Whether you decide to get employee feedback through 360 review software or ask your clients what they want to see directly, there are multiple avenues for businesses to consider. That said, the following general points will help you better understand how you can encourage and promote sustainability within your organization in a substantial way.


Define It Together

Do not look at this endeavor as a corporate project in which managers set all the goals and instruct employees to pursue them. It is easier to practice sustainability when everyone has the opportunity to define what that actually means for your company.

Get both managers and employees involved in creating a definition everyone can agree on. People from different departments will have different insights and approaches. Now is the time to leverage them.


Study Others

Study the sustainability rankings of other companies to better understand what they are doing right. Again, this is an instance in which it helps to involve employees at all levels. Encourage them to identify their own counterparts in similar organizations. Asking them to study how their peers are practicing sustainability can be very helpful when developing an overall company strategy.


Reward Compliance

Focus on the positive when developing sustainable practices. You certainly want all employees to comply with your standards. However, punishing them when they do not is simply less effective than rewarding them when they do.



It can be tempting to rely on specialists within each department when developing sustainable practices. However, you are better off taking a general approach to the topic. You want sustainability to be ingrained in the organization’s culture. Thus, it is often better to collaborate across departments.


Highlight the Benefits

Some companies are reluctant to embrace sustainability due to a belief that it will take away from their profits. In truth, embracing this corporate value offers many benefits. It improves your brand’s image, can help reduce operating costs, and satisfies shareholders. Focusing on the benefits helps you ensure that everyone at the company grasps the importance of this goal.


Be Flexible

As your company grows and as your industry changes, new ways to practice sustainability may emerge. Being willing to adopt them is important. Actively seek out new ways to boost your company’s sustainability and regularly solicit feedback from employees.


Collaborate with the Competition

This may not seem appealing at first, but it is a good idea. Regulators often assess entire industries when determining which businesses are not complying with sustainability requirements. Thus, working with your competition to boost sustainability is good for everyone.

Again, this is a value consumers want to see businesses embracing. You simply need to know how to do so effectively. By keeping these points in mind, you will be much more likely to succeed.


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