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Jacki Fricke

Jacki Fricke As Senior Marketing Manager, Jacki leverages twenty years’ experience on both the client and agency side to translate internal and external client market situations into actionable plans. Creating go-to-market strategies for ADEC ESG Solutions and FirstCarbon Solutions’ (FCS) business units and products, and multi-channel MarCom plans for strategic partnerships allows her to marry her affinity for analytics and savvy creative with organizations that provide positive global impact. Jacki earned her BA in Political Science with a minor in Communication Studies from The College of New Jersey.

Recent Posts

The pandemic is reshaping the notion of work-life balance, there is no perfect or simple solution. In trying to figure out how to begin the long journey back to a  sense of normalcy at home and at work, I’m revisiting some of the things that (used to) work for me. How can I prioritize? Where can I improve?

CDP’s 2019 North America Spring Workshop brought together participants from a host of CDP-reporting companies and other stakeholders to discuss the latest trends in environmental disclosure. In his opening remarks, CDP North America President Bruno Sarda made clear the urgency around climate change: “There is no Plan B. We have to figure this out”.