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Steve Paff

Steve Paff Steve Paff has nearly thirty years of varied experience in the environmental and software arenas. He spent 10 years developing and commercializing cleanup technologies for Superfund sites, including the development of biofiltration for air treatment and a thermophilic process for the treatment of explosives-contaminated wastewaters. Steve developed training programs for the US EPA and PA Department of Environmental Protection for hazardous waste management, and helped found an auditing program for waste treatment sites. Steve’s software development experience spans over twenty years, and includes product management and sales for EnviroWare, an Oracle-based software system for the hazardous waste industry; development of the management software at a nuclear waste cleanup site in Idaho Falls; and product management for a waste management compliance software system for generators of hazardous wastes. At ADEC Innovations, Steve is the Senior Product Manager responsible for CleanChain, ADEC Innovations’ award-winning platform for supply chain chemical and sustainability management. Steve holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy from Carnegie-Mellon University, and a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

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Lessons from Working at Home

Posted by Steve Paff on Aug 28, 2018 10:00:00 AM


Particularly for those living or working in urban areas, rush-hour gridlock is one of the most obvious forms of environmental degradation in our everyday lives. What if more people were able to work from home, and fewer workers were commuting every day as a result? In more ways than one, this type of shift could greatly reduce the overall environmental impact of cities and potentially improve the lives of workers across the globe.